About YAAN


Henan YAAN Electrical Insulation Material Plant Co., Ltd., a professional Electrical Insulation material manufacturer, founded in 1986. The factory is located with the Weidu district, Xuchang City, Henan Province,China. The factory covers an area of 30000 square meters. It also has nearly 200 employees, including a professional R & D team and over 30 skilled technicians.

YAAN specializes in manufacturing electrical insulation materials for almost 34 years. Up to now, YAAN has 8 professional Electrical Insulation production lines, 200 kinds of products in five categories, with 38 technical patents, and the production capacity is 10000 tons annually. Almost 80% of the products were exported to the worldwide. With excellent performance and good reputation, YAAN exports to over 130 countries and regions and has established long-term stable cooperation with many enterprises.

YAAN has the most complete products of electrical insulation. Main products are as follows:

Different Composite Insulation Paper: DMD (Both sides of non-woven polyester fabric with polyester films ); NMN (Polyester film between two layers of Nomex® paper.  ); NHN (Polymide film with hot rolling DuPont NOMEX@ paper on both sides) and etc.

Insulation Varnish: Imine Epoxy Insulation Impregnating Varnish etc.

Insulation film: Polyester film,Polyimide film,Diamond Dotted Film

Insulation Tape: Non-alkali fiberglass tape;Cotton tape;Polyester Shrinking Tape

Insulation paper: hot sale Diamond Dotted Paper, Crepe Paper tube,Pressboard and etc.

Insulation Sleeving: Fiberglass Self-extinguish Sleeve,PVC Coated Fiberglass Sleeve,Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Sleeve,Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve

Insulation Tube and mica products.

YAAN insulation products are accredited by U L (U L File Number E 3 1 0 6 7 0), and the products have passed ROHS and Reach testing. YAAN acquired I S O 9 0 0 1 quality management certification. YAAN is always strict with quality control, continuous improvement to high-quality of electrical insulation products to supply more customers who need the insulation support!

In order to supply to customers highest quality products , YAAN has established seven comprehensive guarantee systems such as mature supply system, key parameter production process system, warehousing system, packaging system, quality control system, pre-shipment inspection system and after-sales service system. We are unremitting, depending on the advanced technology, diversified products and professional service, YAAN is on the way to a global supplier and leading the future development of electrical insulation material industry.

34+ Years Experience In The Production Of Insulating Materials